I started the program in hopes of kickstarting some form of control and self-discipline into my life. Best decision I have ever made! This diet has offered me insight and guidance for a new way of eating that I never thought feasible. Having a personal history of having tried several diets and suffering from fluctuating weight mainly due to binge eating and sugar cravings, I can safely say these days are over, and I could not be happier about that. I can finally control what I eat, when I eat it, and how much I eat. The 21 day program has flexibly extended to become my lifestyle now, 2 months later.
The science of “superfoods” and living light is here to stay for me. Thank you Dr. Teresa for your professionalism, guidance, and patience!
— Rana
“Taking the three week regeneration programme, despite some initial reservations, turned out to have a much greater impact and be far easier than I would have imagined. First and foremost I feel so much better physically and mentally - I actually wonder how I managed before! To be free of many symptoms that I have had for so long is liberating. I have also discovered a whole new world of food possibilities that I am enjoying - and they are easy, cheap and fast to make. Integrating the programme into my daily life and habits has been so much easier and faster for me - meaning that it is something that will stay with me for much longer than just the 3 weeks.”
— Alain
“This is day 10 of the program. I am writing to you because I am really astonished. I though it would have been extremely difficult for me to follow the “rules”, I have always over snacked and have always felt super hungry most of the time. I don’t know if it’s the sugar, gluten or dairy (or all of them combined) but this has worked wonderfully. I am starting to feel at home with my own body, cravings have DISAPPEARED (!!!) I don’t feel hungry and my energy level have risen. Last but not least, I know I shouldn’t be weighing myself but I was too curious, I lost 3 kg!

I really can’t thank you enough for these splendid guidelines.”
— Bianca Luna
“When I approached Teresa, I was not looking for a campaign type diet, but rather a long-term, sustainable approach to nutrition. And - it needed to be easy to maintain. This is exactly what I got - a program that is easy and fun to follow, without counting calories or the need to follow very complicated arrangements. I am very satisfied with the outcome, and I plan to keep many of the elements in my everyday life. An additional benefit - over the past few weeks, I have forgotten about how those nasty sugar cravings feel like. Recommended!
Oh yes, and my 5 week balance is 6 kilos less, which I am very proud of :-)”
— Anonymus
“Thank you for your great work, it was my first attempt at making some efficient and life enhancing changes where it came to food and I was successful on my first reach out, so thank you for your time, effort, knowledge and interest.”
— Robynne
“Mucho exito y a cambiar el mundo...a mi ya me cambiaste. Cierto que ya no se me antoja el carbohidrato como antes, estoy encantada!! Ya baje 4 kilos sin privarme de nada. Me siento estupenda y no he sufrido la “dieta”. Mil gracias!!!”
— Adelaida
“Dear Teresa, I think I found my new way of eating! I feel good, I am never hungry, I’m loving what I eat and I am losing weight...I feel very energetic all day! Thanks very much for this!”
— Stefania
“Je prends l’initiative de t’écrire aujourd’hui et je tombe pile sur le dernier jour de ma deuxième phase (enfin 2 x 21 jours) Je ne le savais pas... Parce que je n’ai pas hâte que ca se termine... :):):)
Je continue donc comme ca parce que je n’ai plus envie de manger autrement ... C’est exactement ce qu’il me faut pour l’instant, je me lève tous les matins avec l’envie de déguster mon smoothie et quel bonheur .... Alors toute ma journée demarre du bon pied :) ... Mes kilos s’envolent et je me retrouve!
Ton programme est top... Encore merci :)”
— Clarence
The biggest revelation was to see that my cravings didn’t come from my head, they came from the body. I always blamed my thoughts and my emotions for impulsive eating, but the moment I started eating a more nutritious breakfast, the cravings mostly disappeared. It feels very liberating. Another surprise was to see how much less food I was consuming in a day. Sometimes a bowl of soup for dinner, loaded with all kinds of seeds, would fill me up - the same as a whole pizza for example. For breakfast a glass of smoothie would keep me full much longer than two croissants with a cup of coffee.
— Natalya