A Healthy Well Balanced Breakfast can change your day...literally


Would you like to finish your day feeling the same energy you started with? Without craving stimulants and/or sweets?

A high glycemic - rich on sugars and transformed carbs - breakfast, or no breakfast at all, strains your body first thing in the morning. A body under stress begins to store fat and crave energy in the form of fast-burning sweets and stimulants. That's how most of us have trained our bodies to rely on snacks every few hours. This tells the body that there is a constant supply of energy coming in and that there is no reason to start burning our stored fat. Fat is a calm, anti-stress fuel and the body's preferred energy supply: it burns slowly helping the body to calm down, detox, lose weight and have a stable energy throughout the day. This wonderful burning fat mode can be achieved by starting the day with a well balanced satisfying breakfast, rich and nutritious but low glycemic. This is typically a good mix of fresh fuit and/or vegetable, healthy fat, grains and other super foods. When well prepared and balanced for your needs this breakfast will carry you through to lunch. You'll then easily choose a comforting balanced lunch (because no hypoglycaemia) which in turn will have you again burning fat and cravings-free trough to supper.

If you would like to learn how to prepare this live-changing breakfasts join the WELL BALANCED SATISFYING BREAKFAST PREPARATION WORKSHOP on Saturday the 16th of January 2016 from 9h30 to 11h30 at my place, where you will learn and taste different preparations: smoothies, mousses and more!

Price: 40 euro